Ability to learn, Willingness to learn and Curiosity to learn

In 2021 context, technology has been moving tremendously fast. Thing changes and thing evolves. Non-fungible token is a recent term that was unheard before. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are popular domains that were rare 20 years ago. New programming languages, SDKs or packages are published on daily basis. The key to survive and remain competitive in today’s society is no longer formal education. It is the Trio-Learning-Mindset: Ability to learn, Willingness to learn and Curiosity to learn.


Moore’s Law states that we can expect the speed and capability of our computers to increase every couple of years, and we…

and also in TypeScript, and Node.js

Have you ever have to import a module with import ModuleName from '../../../one/two/component'? This article will remove this pain point and allow TypeScript developers to import modules efficiently and effectively for both Front-End and Back-End code base! It’s time to say goodbye to long import paths.

In this article, I split the guides into front-end and back-end respectively due to the different bundlers.

Front-End Create React App Import Shortened

In react code base, we often find ourselves to import sharable components far away from our JSX.Element files. …

TypeORM is an ORM that has gain a lot of attention. The native integration with TypeScript enables developers to effectively integrate TypeORM into their TypeScript project. In this tutorial, I will be covering CRUD functions/APIs in Express.js (Node.js). No front-end is required in this tutorial as we will be using swagger to test our APIs.


In this tutorial, you will learn to setup Express + TypeScript application in Node.js, mainly for backend purpose. One of the most common backend services are CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) services. These services require data persistence, as such, it is essential for the Express…

More and more packages are added to npm database everyday, resulting in confusion for new developers to setup a simple Express app with TypeScript support. This article provides a simple-to-follow guide in setting up a good structured Node.js Express app with TypeScript support.

ExpressTS — A robust NodeJS server with adding static type definitions (TypeScript)

Express.js application has gain some traction in recent years. However, plain JavaScript remains an issue when it comes to type-safe programming. Hence, there is a need to integrate TypeScript into Express.js. …

I would like to share my expensive lesson — My MongoDB on DigitalOcean (cloud infrastructure) was hacked and deleted, I was blackmailed to pay bitcoin to retrieve my data. Please read this to the end because I don’t want you to experience what I had. This is how the story goes…


I am a tech enthusiast and software developer. As such, I subscribed to numerous cloud infrastructure service provider to host my application and database. One of such server that I subscribed to is DigitalOcean’s Ubuntu server. …

A method to execute a piece of code only during build time.


Do you want to include a segment of code that should only be executed during build time of a Create React App (CRA) environment? For instance, version control or even timestamp which the CRA is bundled.

In this article, I will refer to external libraries — preval.macro.


Install the following node modules.

npm install --save-dev preval.macro

To use the module, the following structure has to be followed.

import preval from 'preval.macro'

const one = preval`module.exports = ANY_JAVASCRIPT_CODE`;

module.exports is the keyword of importing a node js module prior…

A react conditional import, especially useful for conditional CSS import.


Have you ever tried to conditionally import React components or CSS file? The first instinct you have is to do a conditional import using if-else.

Soon… you will find yourself in trouble because your react will not bundled with the error message Parsing error: ‘import' and ‘export' may only appear at the top level in the terminal.

Then… you start googling and changing the word import to require. And you think it works.

However, the require method only worked in development (or during the react bundling if you use…

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